Welcome to A Wrinkle in Thyme Farm


Our first day at the farm we were whisked away to help at the state fair


First Post!!

Finally starting up the blog and it only took me three weeks…

I’m gonna just start with posting a bunch of photos from the past few weeks (with captions explaining what’s going on, of course) and then make real posts from then on. So enjoy the millions of photos to follow! 


The Fryeburg Fair

Sam being artsy

Sam being artsy

Me needle felting

Me needle felting (Also: look at that girls face.)

Sam and I helped Marty out at the fair. We did a lot of needle felting in order to sell kits so people can make their own pictures. The kits are in the photo in the previous post.


Makin a sale!

Marty and her wares

Marty and her wares

This is Marty talking to some friends/customers at the fair. She’s got her wool in front of her and all of her dying materials behind. She spent the weekend dying wool from the farm.


Sam’s needle felting


My needle felting

These are   the cool things we made at the fair.There’s also one that we made together but I don’t have a picture of that one, so you guys’ll just have to use your imagination there.